Notarization of Legal Documents in Dubai

Centriz's end-to-end document notarization services meet your documentation needs.

Documentation can be laborious when starting and running a business in Dubai. Our Notary services simplify.

We'll aid in drafting, translating, notarizing, and attesting POAs, contracts, agreements, etc. To comply with local regulations and protect your business.

Our Services

Centriz Corporate Services offers high-level, comprehensive document drafting, notarization, and attestation services in Dubai: everything you need is under one roof and customized to your requirements.


We will draft documents that will be accepted by a notary and the bank or government agency to expedite the documentation process.


We provide certified legal translation services for your document in English and many foreign languages.


We coordinate with our notary public partners to notarise your documents in person or online via video conferencing.


We will attest your documents with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the relevant consulate should you need to use your notarized documents abroad.

Whatever Your Document Needs, We Have You Covered!

Proper documentation is essential in operating a business in Dubai. Here are the type of documents we assist with 

Power Of Attorney

Power of attorney allows you to give authority to another person(s) to act on your behalf in legal and financial matters.

Agrements and Contracts

We prepare agreements and contracts to set up and operate a business or any legal agreement between two parties.


We prepare and assist with notarizing different declarations on your behalf to satisfy local regulations.


We prepare affidavits to protect your interests in various business and personal matters.

Legal Notices

We prepare legal notices regarding employment, lawsuits, property, termination of tenancy, and other legal information.

Wills and Testaments

We help draft wills and testament to facilitate property transfer and expedite legal matters.

Why Choose us

At Centriz Corporate Services, we stand as your trusted partner in notarizing legal documents. Our unwavering commitment to precision, confidentiality, and efficiency sets us apart. With a team of professionals well-versed in the intricacies of notarization, we ensure that each document is meticulously reviewed, verified, and authenticated, leaving no room for errors or oversights. 

We understand the importance of legal documents and their role in underpinning your business transactions, personal affairs, and other significant matters. 

Choosing Centriz means choosing a seamless and secure notarization experience where your documents are treated with the utmost care and scrutiny, ultimately providing you with the peace of mind you deserve. Trust Centriz Corporate Services to deliver excellence in notarization, reaffirming our dedication to being your preferred partner for all legal documentation needs.

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