Business Support Services in Dubai

Many companies in Dubai and the UAE are dedicated to delivering comprehensive business support services to entrepreneurs and investors. At Centriz Corporate Services, we comprise a team of seasoned professionals and experts with experience and skills to provide all-encompassing business support solutions in Dubai. Our proficiency extends to startups, SMEs, and various other enterprises, aiding them in establishing their businesses within Dubai.

Our current focus entails furnishing extensive support services that encompass the resolution of legal intricacies and other business-related challenges, spanning various pertinent domains, including banking and governmental authorities.

Why Business Support Services are Required

  • Business supports services are required to solve all matters related to government authorities and departments.
  • Such services are necessary for company formation, visa approval, document processing, and others to take months or even longer. Therefore, if you want quick and hassle-free completion of these procedures, then you need the services of these companies.
  • Finding a perfect local sponsor according to business requirements is a strenuous job. Business support services provide appropriate sponsors and maintain a good relationship between the two parties.
  • Business support services provide all types of legal documents and legal advice. Avoiding all types of legal issues related to your business is essential.

Benefits of Business Support Services in Dubai 

  • The main benefit of business support services is time-saving. Due to awareness of entire procedures and reputation in government authorities, these companies can complete every relevant task in the minimum possible time.
  • You will not be required to visit different departments or meet people for completing your business and personal tasks, as business support services will handle them. This will result in saving you from any extra effort and nuisance. 
  • With our expert advice, we provide direct or indirect support for your business growth.
  • Business support service company assists in all business locations including mainland, free zones, and offshore.

Our Business Support Services in Dubai 

  1. Procurement of Approvals from Different Ministries & Government Departments
  2. Support for All Government & Semi-Governmental Processes in Dubai
  3. Company Formation in Dubai Mainland and Free Zones
  4. Business Support Services at the Chamber of Commerce
  5. Assistance with Foreign Affairs-Related Matters
  6. Business Support Services within the Dubai Ministry of Justice Notary
  7. Document Clearance, Writing, and Processing Services
  8. Facilitation of Document Processing within Labour, Immigration, Economic & Other Government Departments
  9. Aid in Investor, Employment, and Family Visas Processing in Dubai
  10. Expedited VIP Medical Arrangements for Visa Processing
  11. Document Translation Services
  12. Visa Processing, Renewal, and Cancellation Assistance
  13. Support for Company Registration with the Ministry of Labour and Department of Immigration in Dubai - UAE
  14. Assistance for Companies Seeking Amendments or Renewals of Labour and Immigration Cards

Centriz Corporate Services is a management consultancy firm specializing in comprehensive business support services. Our offerings extend to Dubai and the UAE, catering to established entities and individuals embarking on or expanding their endeavors in this dynamic region. 

With Centriz by your side, you can delegate the intricate paperwork accompanying day-to-day operations, enabling you to channel your energy into core business pursuits. Our team of experts adeptly navigates governmental and agency-related matters, affording you the luxury of saving time and money.

Business Support Services in Dubai