Finance Consultancy Services in Dubai, UAE

Financial management is one of the critical points in driving a business to success. It is more than bookkeeping and balancing business accounts. Financial decisions are to be made with careful analysis of the financial market and analytical methodology that allows a business to get insights and identify productive opportunities.

Our Financial Advisory (or financial consulting) services are built on a strong foundation of financial analysis. We offer a wide range of services covering various areas, including helping with transactions, managing risks, providing tax advice, offering real estate guidance, ensuring compliance, assisting with legal matters, and handling accounting tasks. In the financial advisory market, we specialize in eight main areas: Transaction Services, Corporate Finance, Crisis and recovery, Risk Management, Accounting Advisory, Tax Advisory, Real Estate Advisory, and Forensics and litigation.

Transaction Services: We assist clients in buying, merging, or selling organizations. Our services include:
  • Devising merger and acquisition strategies.
  • Identifying suitable targets.
  • Due diligence before deals.
  • Post-merger integration support.
Corporate Finance: This area focuses on funding and managing a company's capital structure. We can help with financing options, restructuring, managing working capital, handling IPOs, and navigating capital markets.

Accounting Advisory: Our team supports clients in addressing accounting and financial reporting challenges within their businesses. We enhance accounting efficiency, improve financial reporting quality, and ensure compliance with global standards like International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and local regulations.

Why Choose Us?

Centriz Corporate Services is the best financial consultant in Dubai, UAE, here to help you find the best financial solutions. We'll work with you to determine what tasks you can delegate, find the right outsourcing partner or location, and create a system that keeps your company's finances in good shape.
Our goal is to help you plan and manage your finances, ensuring that you use the correct measurements and tools while simplifying processes to reduce risk and costs. We'll guide you in making sound financial decisions that lead to profits and success.
Protect your business from financial uncertainties, shed the burdens, and strengthen your financial foundation with our business finance consulting services. We'll handle your financial matters in a way that adds value to your business.