Accounting Package and Back Office Services in Dubai

Accounting and back office are functions core to a company's financial department. Bookkeeping is the process of recording financial transactions and acts as a precursor to accounting, interpreting, classifying, analyzing, summarizing, and reporting financial data.

It is a common practice for small and medium-sized businesses to outsource their accounting services in Dubai because of the procedural nature of the department – which is best left to the local experts. Bookkeeping is no different. Since it involves process-oriented nuances and regulatory parameters, it is often preferable to let bookkeeping firms in Dubai manage it as a vendor to one's company.

Accounting and Backoffice Services Dubai

We provide the following accounting and back office services in Dubai that help your business run efficiently.

  • Complete accounting services in Dubai
  • Complete back office services in Dubai.
  • Accounts Payable Consolidation Outsourcing
  • Software Fixed Asset Conversion, Installation, Selection, and Support
  • Compilation, upkeep, and verification.
  • Estimates and projections
  • Chart of Accounts Preparation and Mapping
  • Inventory Verification and Valuation

Accounting Packages

Practical accounting and bookkeeping are essential for businesses of all sizes. Reliable, accurate, and timely financial information is the lifeblood of your operations. Monitoring your company's performance and making informed business decisions depend on it. Our professional, fully qualified accountants understand the importance of this, so they work tirelessly to make sure this vital information is available when needed. We are highly selective in our hiring process, ensuring that our staff members are talented and well-versed in the latest regulations, guaranteeing complete accuracy. There is nothing more important when managing our clients' finances and accounts.

To maximize client satisfaction within your budget, we offer various financial service packages designed to cater to different needs.

Package 1 – Cloud-based Accounting 

Ideal for SMEs and freelancers. Access your financial information from anywhere with an internet connection. Send your documents via email, courier, or regular mail, and our accountants will update your records online. The electronic collection is the easiest, fastest, and most economical method.

Package 2 – Onsite Accountant 

If you require all the work to be completed on your premises, our accountant will visit your office, compile the financial information, and complete the accounting. This service is regularly used by mid to large-sized companies.

Package 3 - Financial Back Office Support 

Our back-office support package is a cost-effective choice that grants you access to top talent at a fraction of the cost. Our back offices in India support local and international clients around the clock. They are also excited to welcome you and serve you.

Package 4 - Project Accounting 

Many of our clients frequently require project accounting services. We now offer project accountants to both existing and new clients. These accountants specialize in specific projects, such as bank reconciliation, financial data migration, retrospective accounting, or general accounting for a defined dataset.

Package 5 - Receivables & Payables Management Managing accounts receivables and accounts payables is common in large organizations. Our team handles the following tasks in these assignments:

  • 3-way verification of purchase/sales invoices (Quote > PO > Invoice) before recording them in the accounting software
  • VAT compliance
  • Pay supplier invoices only when due and chase customer receivables before due dates to ensure business cash flow is managed correctly.
  • Pushing overdue receivables to debt collectors and further to the legal
  • Debtors and creditors' status report to management

Package 6 - Account Reconciliation Services

In large organizations, reconciling accounts can be daunting due to the sheer volume of transactions. Our clients typically seek the following account reconciliation services:

  • Bank/Cash Reconciliation
  • Stock Reconciliation
  • Debtors and Creditors Reconciliation

Package 7 - Accounting Review

Our expert accountants review the accounts prepared by your in-house finance team. Our thorough review ensures that your financial data is accurate, complete, and dependable for informed decision-making.

Bespoke Accounting Package

And, of course, we can combine any or all of the above in a way that makes perfect sense for you.

Whether you need us daily, weekly, monthly, or on a month-to-month basis, it can all be arranged to suit your needs precisely. We are just as comfortable with handling your part-time or full-time needs. All you have to do is call, suggest a schedule that will be useful to you, and we will do the rest!

Our representatives would be pleased to visit, discuss the assignment, and develop a deep understanding of your business so we can customize your service precisely to your requirements. Rest assured, in all of Dubai, you won't find a more dedicated group of people who make you feel like our top priority.

Centriz For Accounting & Back Office Services in Dubai

Centriz Corporate Services recognizes the needs of its clients and offers back office and Accounting services. Our staff has the technical expertise to comprehend your company's strategy and procedures fully. As a result, we focus on the critical aspects of your organization by utilizing a methodology that incorporates high standards of impartiality and professional independence.

Centriz can help you with your accounting & back-office services in Dubai if you are looking to outsource added benefits for your business. We comprise a team of experts well-versed in regional know-how and business paradigms. To know more, contact us today.